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Patriotic Education and Political Repression in Progressive Era Utah

Posted: April 13, 2021

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. By Dr. Cody Dodge Ewert April 13, 2021 In his annual report for 1906, A. C. Nelson, Utah’s state superintendent of public instruction, proclaimed that the Beehive State’s schools must teach patriotism. “It is in our public schools that our national unity is to be conserved,” […]

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The National League, Religious Schools, and the Making of a White Protestant America

Posted: August 18, 2020

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. By Thomas MacMillan August 18, 2020 The recent uprisings for Black lives have led to calls for the restructuring of society. The principal targets have been urban police forces, which have received lavish funding and organizational impunity for many years. However, these forces are beginning to […]

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Experiencing Billy Sunday

Posted: October 30, 2016

Jeremy C. Young’s article, “Transformation in the Tabernacle: Billy Sunday’s Converts and Emotional Experience in the Progressive Era” (JGAPE, July 2015), examined the revival movement of Billy Sunday, the most successful evangelist of his age, by analyzing the experiences of his followers. Religious conversion through Sunday’s influence, Young argued, represented more than just a momentary preference; it was a carefully considered and deeply meaningful choice that transformed both converts’ identities and the world in which they lived.

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