Fishel-Calhoun Article Prize

Fishel-Calhoun Article Prize

The Fishel-Calhoun Article Prize is awarded every two years for the best article dealing with any aspect of United States history between 1865 and 1917. The prize is open to new scholars, defined as graduate students or new PhDs (within 6 years of receipt of the PhD) who have not yet published a book.

Winners of this prize are honored at the annual SHGAPE luncheon and will receive a certificate and an honorarium.

Submissions for 2026 Fishel-Calhoun Article Prize should be sent in PDF format to the prize committee chair, to be named in 2025, by October 31, 2025. Please include “SHGAPE Fishel-Calhoun Prize” in the email subject line. Articles appearing in journals between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2025 are eligible for this award. Page proofs are acceptable for articles to be published in November or December 2025.


2024 – Bryant Barnes, “Fresh Fruit and Rotten Railroads: Fruit Growers, Populism, and the Future of the New South,” Agricultural History 96:1-2 (May 2022): 54-90.

2024 – Honorable Mention: Elizabeth D. Katz, “Sex, Suffrage, and State Constitutional Law: Women’s Legal Right to Hold Public Office,” Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 110 (2022).

2022 – Barrie Ryne Blatchford, “‘Make the desert bloom like the rose’: Animal Acclimatization, Settler Colonialism, and the Construction of Oregon’s Nature,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 122:3 (Fall 2021): 214-49.

2022 Honorable Mention: Joan Flores-Villalobos, “Gender, Race, and Migrant Labor in the ‘Domestic Frontier’ of the Panama Canal Zone,” International Labor and Working-Class History 99 (2021): 96-121.

2020 – Caroline Grego, “Black Autonomy, Red Cross Recovery, and White Backlash after the Great Sea Island Storm of 1893,” Journal of Southern History 85:4 (November 2019): 803-40.

2018 – Evelyn Atkinson, “Creating the Reasonable Child: Risk, Responsibility, and the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine,” Law and Social Inquiry (Fall 2017): 1122-54

2016 – Emily Remus, “Tippling Ladies and the Making of Consumer Culture: Gender and Public Space in Fin-de-Siècle Chicago,” Journal of American History 101:3 (2014): 751-777.

2014 – Katherine Unterman,  “Boodle over the Border: Embezzlement and the Crisis of International Mobility, 1880-1890,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 11 (April 2012): 151-189.

2012 – Stephen Wertheim, “The League That Wasn’t: American Designs for a Legalist-Sanctionist League of Nations and the Intellectual Origins of International Organization, 1914-1920,” Diplomatic History 35 (Nov. 2011): 797-836.

2010 – Ann Marie Wilson, “In the Name of God, Civilization, and Humanity: The United States and the Armenian Massacres of the 1890s,” Le Mouvement Social 227 (April-June 2009): 27-44.

2008 – Robert MacDougall, “Long Lines: AT&T’s Long-Distance Network as an Organizational and Political Strategy,” Business History Review 80 (Summer 2006): 297-327.

2006 – Michael Ayers Trotti, “Murder Made Real: The Visual Revolution of the Halftone,” Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 111 (2003): 379-410.

2004 – Christopher Capozzola, “The Only Badge Needed Is Your Patriotic Fervor: Vigilance, Coercion, and the Law in World War I America,” Journal of American History 88 (March 2002): 1354-1382.

2002 – David Igler, “The Industrial Far West: Region and Nation in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (May 2000): 159-192.

2000 – Michael Willrich, “The Two Percent Solution: Eugenics Jurisprudence and the Socialization of American Law, 1900-1930,” Law and History Review 16 (Spring 1998): 63-111.

1998 – Daniel Letwin, “Interracial Unionism, Gender, and ‘Social Equality’ in the Alabama Coalfields, 1878-1908,” Journal of Southern History 61 (1995): 519-554.

1996 – Lawrence Glickman, “Inventing the ‘American Standard of Living’: Gender, Race, and Working-Class Identity, 1880-1925,” Labor History 34 (1993): 221-235.

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