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The Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era is an organization of historians who study and promote knowledge of American history from the Reconstruction era through the aftermath of World War I. The society brings together academic, public, and independent historians, as well as scholars in other humanities and social-science disciplines interested in these decades and their issues.

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May's Minding the GAPE is here! Read up on the latest Gilded Age and Progressive Era blog posts and articles from around the web, from the "crimes" of circus elephants to the Johnstown Flood: #twitterstorians

Reminder! Virtual event today at 4 pm ET, featuring the winner of SHGAPE's inaugural research grant, @thejohnlegg, who will present a talk on Dakota mobility and US Army retribution after the US-Dakota War. Link and full details here: #twitterstorians

2 years ago @shgape awarded me their inaugural diss. research grant. Tomorrow, nearly a month after finishing my PhD, I get to talk about material in that dissertation: a history of the movement, kidnapping, and execution of Little Six and Medicine Bottle in 1864-1865.