Distinguished Historian of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era

Distinguished Historian of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era

Selected by the immediate past President, the current President, and the President-Elect of the Society in odd-numbered years, the Distinguished Historian addresses the luncheon meeting of the Society held at the meeting of the Organization of American Historians. The Distinguished Historian receives a commemorative plaque or certificate and an honorarium.


2024 – Laura F. Edwards, Princeton University

2022 – Albert S. Broussard, Texas A&M University

2018 — Erika Lee, University of Minnesota

2016 — Manfred Berg, University of Heidelberg

2014 — Philip Deloria, University of Michigan

2013 — Pero Dagbovie, Michigan State University

2011 — Hasia Diner, New York University

2009 — Les Benedict, Ohio State University

2007 — David Montgomery, Yale University

2005 — Jean Baker, Goucher College

2003 — Samuel Hays, University of Pittsburgh

2001 — Linda Gordon, New York University

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