Officers, Council Members, & Committees

The activities and directions of SHGAPE are guided by various officers and committees. These change from year to year.

Note: Terms of service end on January 1 of the year indicated.


SHGAPE Council

SHGAPE Council Members Ex Officio

Nominating Committee

Membership Committee

Website Editors

H-SHGAPE List Editors

H-SHGAPE Book Review Editor

Programming Committee (2019-2021)

Development Committee

Distinguished Historian/Lecture Committee

Vincent P. DeSantis Prize Committee (2018-2019)

Fishel-Calhoun Prize Committee (2017-2018)

JGAPE Article Prize Committee (2017-2018)

Presidents’ Book Prize Committee (2017-2018)

Graduate Student Essay Prize Committee (2018-2019)

Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

JGAPE Editorial Board

Past SHGAPE Presidents

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