Membership & Benefits

Membership & Benefits

Membership in SHGAPE affords you a place in the primary professional network of Gilded Age and Progressive Era scholars.  Your membership gains you entry into a vibrant and growing community and helps advance understanding of a critical period in American history.  As a self-supporting organization, SHGAPE depends on its members to continue its current activities and take on new initiatives

SHGAPE offers a variety of membership levels that meet the needs of a diverse community. Memberships span the calendar year and include an annual subscription to the Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Members are also encouraged to participate in the numerous leadership and service opportunities available within SHGAPE.

To join, please visit the online membership page at Cambridge University Press.

For questions about membership, please contact Einav Rabinovitch-Fox (Membership Committee Chair), Kimberly Hamlin (Executive Secretary), or Member Services at Cambridge University Press.

Membership Rates

The Regular Membership rate is $50.

Reduced Rate Membership: SHGAPE is the professional home for all scholars of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, regardless of employment type or status. Contingent faculty and independent scholars may join SHGAPE for a reduced rate of $35.  In addition, they are eligible to apply for an OAH Conference Travel Grant.

Student Membership: Graduate students are the lifeblood of any academic society, and SHGAPE takes particular pride in its graduate student members.  Graduate students may join SHGAPE for a reduced rate of $20.  In addition, they are eligible to apply for the OAH Conference Travel Award for Ph.D. Students and for the Graduate Student Essay Prize, and they can receive complimentary tickets to the SHGAPE luncheon at the OAH annual meeting.

Sustaining Membership: A sustaining membership represents a higher level of commitment to SHGAPE.  Sustaining memberships help to grow the Society’s activities and fund award programs, travel grants, publication development, and other SHGAPE projects.  The sustaining member rate is $80.

Lifetime Membership:  A lifetime membership demonstrates the highest level of dedication to SHGAPE and its mission. Lifetime members invest in the future of the Society and help ensure the continued excellence of Gilded Age and Progressive Era scholarship for decades to come.  SHGAPE’s lifetime membership rate is $800.

Gift Memberships

You may also gift a year’s membership to SHGAPE to a student, colleague, or friend. To purchase a gift membership, donate the price of the membership here and then contact Kimberly Hamlin (Executive Secretary) at with the confirmation of your donation and the name of the person you would like to purchase a membership for with your donation. We can then establish a year-long membership for that person.

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