"Illustration shows President William McKinley, standing, leading a toast to a dejected William Jennings Bryan sitting in a chair labeled 'Guest of Honor'"

Minding the GAPE – November 2020


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Class, colonialism, racism, and the fight for women’s suffrage in Puerto Rico

The Election Day massacre in Ocoee, FL, 100 years later

Election transparency and the glass ballot box

A brief history of the presidential concession speech

The Lost Cause and the Mississippi state flag

Racism, colonialism, and reframing the legacy of Florence Nightingale

Finding the Navy’s first Black yeowomen in the National Archives

Exploring the records of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers

Unveiling the National Native American Veterans Memorial

How HBCUs are remaking American politics

The complex legacy of Native American military service

A new exhibition on the 1920 Ocoee massacre, America’s deadliest instance of Election Day violence

Mask-wearing was politicized during the 1918 flu pandemic, too

A new exhibition on the changing role of America’s First Ladies

Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail and what we can learn from histories of Native American nursing

Programming at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center explores the consequences of the 1896 ban of the Hawaiian language in schools and the revival of the language

How Los Angeles avoided a second wave of the flu in 1918

The anti-Semitism of Populist leader Mary E. Lease and the question of what to do with her statue

Podcast episode on the gendered history of psychopharmaceuticals

Kiowa sovereignty and the nursing work of Laura Pedrick (T’oyhawlma) 

The life of Francis D. Bowhan, Osage pilot

E. Thomas Ewing, a contributor to the SHGAPE Blog’s series on the 1918 flu pandemic, writes on what 1918 tells us about the continued importance of masks and social distancing even with a vaccine


Cover Image: “Thanks to whom thanks are due” by Louis Dalrymple, Puck, v. 48, no. 1238 (November 28, 1900), centerfold, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. The illustration depicts President William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt toasting to William Jennings Bryan, who is seated in a chair labeled “Guest of Honor.” The caption reads, “Toastmaster McKinley – Let us conclude our Thanksgiving Dinner with a toast to the man who made it so easy for us!”



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