Black and white protesters holding signs in a meeting room.

Minding the GAPE – May 2020


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

We are living in a Red Spring

“Talking About Race” web portal released by Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

The history of racist policing in America

A reading list on U.S. immigration and public health

Understanding women’s suffrage in the context of U.S. empire

Why cellphone videos of Black people’s deaths should be considered sacred, like lynching photographs

On the history of disease, colonialism, and Indigenous communities

The racist origins of Georgia’s Citizen’s Arrest law

Two posts on the experiences of African American soldiers in a segregated military from the 1860s to WWI

For First Nations, these are precedented times

African American religions in the 20th century slum

Images of original concept art for the Lincoln memorial

When the mayor of Oakland was arrested for not wearing a mask

Spotlight on Red Summer records in the National Archives

Allie Helena Barnett, an African American nurse at the Stewart Indian School

The debate about alcohol and influenza in 1918

Lessons from Warren Harding’s failure to return to “normalcy” after the 1918 pandemic and WWI

Recovering the lives of Black women in the city

Women’s political protests at the White House in 1917 and today

Reflections on looking to Ida B. Wells’ example

19th century photographic processes and formats

Histories of confinement and disease in Black communities

Meat shortages, worker exploitation, and how cheap meat came to be seen as an American birthright

The long and messy history of tallying mortality during plagues

Coping with flour shortages and “Wheatless Wednesdays” during WWI

Consuming is political in a crisis

How do American Indians celebrate Mother’s Day?

A reading list of histories of police, policing, and police unions in the U.S.

Mabel Ping-Hua Lee‘s suffrage activism

The National Archives shares the longest Civil War pension file in their holdings


Cover Image: Protesters, ca. 1909-1923. Some of the signs read “Fight Police Brutality,” “We Demand Work or Wages,” “Fight or Starve,” and “Workers! Join the Party of Your Class – The Communist Party.” National Photo Company Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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