Earthquake, San Francisco. April 18, 1906. Food line at Relief Station run by the American Red Cross

Minding the GAPE – April 2021


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Black artists and visual culture through the 19th century

Higher education’s racial reckoning goes far beyond slavery

The history of DC’s cherry blossom trees

An intertwined history of racism and misogyny leaves Asian American women vulnerable to violence

How the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center and Museum is centering Indigenous voices and alumni experiences

Before it was a haven for Bohemians, Greenwich Village was home to a thriving Catholic community

How patriotic education initiatives in the Progressive Era and today have aimed to standardize a narrow vision of what it means to be an American

How the 1918 influenza pandemic transformed libraries into centers of community care

A local history of the eugenics movement

Equal rights to respectable peeing and the legacy of a long-forgotten 19th-century dispute over feminine modesty and women’s access to public toilets

Two centuries of American poets in the National Archives

The Chinese poetry carved in the walls of the Angel Island Immigration Station

Dr. Minerva Goodman and the gendered contestation of medical authority during the 1918 flu pandemic

When Disney invaded the sacred ground of Civil War and WWI battlefields

The knowledge we lost when germ theory displaced “miasmas”

The failed effort to move the nation’s capital to St. Louis after the Civil War

The supplies that kept libraries running in 1899

Racism, racial justice, and the history of the fight over DC statehood

Sikh Americans have faced white supremacists since they began migrating to the U.S. in the late 19th century

The rise and fall of 19th-century America’s unruly politics

The life of Hubert Harrison, the father of Harlem Radicalism

Joe Biden and Woodrow Wilson: contrasts between two pandemic presidents

Eleven milestones in Asian American and Pacific Islander history you should know

Harlem Hellfighters: the all-Black WWI fighting unit


Cover Image: Food line at relief station run by the American Red Cross after the Great San Francisco Earthquake, April 1906. American National Red Cross Photograph Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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