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Using Microhistory to Tell a Whale of a Tale

Posted: February 9, 2021

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. By Dr. Daniel Gifford February 9, 2021 Discovering Microhistory Although it was many years ago, I still vividly remember microhistory week in my graduate research and methods course. When employing microhistory, the historian uses a small event or story to illuminate much larger contexts and historical […]

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Teaching Digital Literacy through a Walking Tour about the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot

Posted: April 22, 2020

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. By Dr. Sara Harwood Working with three first-year students and two graduate students at Georgia State University, I oversaw the development of a self-guided walking tour that uses David Fort Godshalk’s Veiled Visions to describe the horrific events that occurred on Saturday, September 22nd, the first […]

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