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“A Place Among Original Investigators:” Walter Wyckoff, Alfred Pierce, and Me

Posted: March 5, 2019

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. by Beau Driver Most historians have felt the thrill of discovery at some point while in the archives. There is a rush that comes with finding something new. For me, it has often felt as though I was suddenly taking an active role in the history […]

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On Nippers, Nipper-Napping, and the New York Public Library

Posted: August 8, 2018

Read this post on the updated SHGAPE Blog website. by J. Martin Vest I spent early 2017 at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts while researching the final chapters of my dissertation, “Vox Machinae: Phonographs and the Birth of Sonic Modernity, 1877-1930.” Every morning, I rode the train in from Queens, emerging from […]

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