"Photomontage on exaggeration postcard shows three women and one man in front of barn with horse and wagon and larger-than-life pumpkins, corn on the cob, and cabbages."

Minding the GAPE – September 2021


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web. Also be sure to check out the SHGAPE website’s new, expanded Resources page.

Obituary for Dr. Walter Nugent, SHGAPE President 2000-2002, who passed away this month

Podcast episode on The Birth of a Nation

A 1910 document and the Black health mortality gap

Gender and stuttering in the early-twentieth-century United States

The failures of American environmentalism

Black women and Civil War pensions

How a school for freedpeople become a key institution for preserving Houston’s Black history

American empire in the “Wilsonian moment

A photo essay of women at work through time

How the Pittsburgh Courier shaped racial discourse in the early twentieth century

The legal history of pigeons

Centering African American women in Civil War public history

Recognizing Dr. Katharine Bement Davis as a pioneering sex researcher

Looking back at a recording of a Booker T. Washington speech

A public history project on Black people in Clemson University history

The Black doctor who helped decode Alzheimer’s disease

State and local control over immigration through U.S. history and the myth of open borders

What we can learn from a collection of American prison newspapers

A 54-foot-long freedom petition signed by Black South Carolinians in 1865 goes on display in D.C.

An unusual sculpture made out of Abraham Lincoln’s hair

Historical roots of the politicization of the National Parks Service

Remembering the 1863 Bear River Massacre and its legacy

The history of foreign awards to U.S. military personnel

Power and responsibility of American Girl Dolls

San Jose apologizes for over a century of discrimination against Chinese and Chinese American residents, including destroying the city’s Chinatowns


Cover Image: “Bringing in the Sheaves,” 1908. Postcard advertising Nebraska products with a humorous photomontage depicting people surrounded by larger-than-life pumpkins, corn, and cabbages. Karen A. Stuart Collection of Postcards, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


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