Illustration shows an interior view of a boardroom where the appearance of a ghost labeled "Spirit of Honesty" has frightened the men conducting business there, who are labeled "Corporation Lawyer, Fake Promoter, Secret Rebater [hiding under the table], Lobbyist, Public Service Grafter, Public Exploiter, Hypocrite, Employed Perjurer, Speculating Trust Co, [and the] Yellow Dog Keeper". Also shown are the "Yellow Dog" and several sheets of "Watered Stock". Hanging on the wall is a sign that states "Dont Knock - Boost".

Minding the GAPE – October 2019


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Labor strikes are back

A nineteenth-century ban on medical advertising hurt women doctors

Alan Lessoff, one of the editors of the SHGAPE blog, reviews Benjamin Heber Johnson’s Escaping the Dark, Gray City: Fear and Hope in Progressive-Era Conservation

Understanding the colonial photography of the 1890-1893 Menage expedition to the Philippines

Tulsa’s search for mass graves from the city’s 1921 race massacre

The feminist root root roots of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Listen to Eric Foner discuss the Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution

Why the decision to celebrate Columbus was more about quieting the outrage of Italian-Americans than honoring them

Podcast episode on the history of the Ghost Dance religion beyond Wounded Knee

Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the significance of commemoration

How did pregnant women understand heredity in nineteenth-century America?

Butter in nutritional guidelines since 1894

Thoughts on the 2019 Western History Conference in Las Vegas

Hear about some spooky histories, including the spirit photography of William Mumler

On Theodore Roosevelt’s hatred for baseball

A brief history of the Halloween costume


Cover image: The “Spirit of Honesty” frightens men in a boardroom, including a Corporation Lawyer,  Fake Promoter, and Lobbyist. “The Haunted House” by Art Young, Puck, v. 62, no. 1604 (November 27, 1907), Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


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