Crowd of people standing on lawn in front of Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool

Minding the Gape – May 2022


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Recent anti-Asian American violence shows the need to teach more Asian American history

How the Reconstruction amendments matter in the debate over abortion rights

Facial reconstruction of wounded soldiers after WWI

Introducing a blog series on urban Indigeneity

Women wage workers, International Worker’s Day, and the development of labor rights

What we can learn about the future of U.S. power and interest in Asia from the 1898 annexation of the Philippines

Truth and lies around “My Old Kentucky Home,” the Kentucky Derby anthem

Toward a global urban Indigenous history

Names and stories of students who died at the Santa Fe Indian School, 1891-1909

Library of Congress sources on the Chinese Exclusion Act and the legacy of the Chinese Exclusion Act

The Buffalo shooting exposes how a northern city was shaped by anti-Black terrorism and civil rights activism

Celebrating the history of the bicycle for National Bike Month

Personal photographic images documenting war injuries and disabilities in the Civil War Pension Application Files

The long history of abortion laws in the United States, with quotes from SHGAPE Blog editor Dr. Lauren MacIvor Thompson

What did parents do before modern commercial baby formula?

Lessons from 19th-century paper money for today’s digital currencies

The Chinese Exclusion Act, annotated

Will the COVID-19 pandemic, like the Civil War, reshape how Americans deal with death?

Anti-Asian American hate and the myth of California’s liberal tolerance

Previewing the new WWI memorial

Dishonesty and deception in 19th-century professional running

The KKK and the public school culture war of the 1920s

At the turn of the twentieth century, women who wanted divorces migrated to the “divorce colony” of Sioux Falls, SD

What did suffragists really have to say on abortion?

Genocide, removal, and urbanization in Yavapai-Apache land in central Arizona

Batteries in bustles and other real and predicted electrical fashions of the 19th century

Who killed Jane Stanford, co-founder of Stanford University? Gilded-Age fortune and philanthropy created many enemies

Twitterstorians on the Uvalde school shooting and the politics of guns

The Lincoln Memorial’s meaning remains contested a century after its dedication

Deaths in maternity records and learning to feel emotions in the archive

A failed Progressive-Era campaign to ban kissing


Cover Image: Dedication Lincoln Memorial, May 30, 1922. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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