Image of women dressed as Greek maidens playing ball in May Day pageant

Minding the GAPE – May 2019


Introducing a monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Nine exhibitions on women’s history to visit this year

A photo tour through the Stamp Division at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in the 1890s

A two-part review of a conference on the Greater Reconstruction

A tale of two suffragists with radically different strategies for achieving the same goal

Gilded Age “brain work” and the future of emotional labor

Putting the Green New Deal in the historical context of the nineteenth-century beef industry

The last remaining railcar present for the completion of the transcontinental railroad, now on display for the 150th anniversary

Kristin Hoganson, SHGAPE President 2017-2019, breaks down five myths about the Midwest

A look at contemporary powwows of the Northern Plains and the history of dancing among Dakota peoples

A podcast episode on the history of U.S. colonialism, sterilization, and reproductive rights in Puerto Rico

Exposing the dark underbelly of the raisin industry

A series of blog posts on Madam C. J. Walker in recognition of the centennial anniversary of her death on May 25, 1919

Recovering a woman’s view of war through the antiwar writing of Ellen N. La Motte, an American nurse on the frontlines of WWI


Cover image: May Day pageant. Courtesy Alumni Association Photographic Collection, Special Collections & Archives Research Center, Oregon State University Libraries.

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