Newark newsboys lined up in the street holding newspapers

Minding the GAPE – June 2021


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Redeveloping a Civil War veterans’ home for today’s veterans

The U.S. roots of Canada’s Indigenous boarding schools

Finding friendship and frustration in the archive of the Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children

A review of Crying the News by Vincent DiGirolamo, 2021 winner of SHGAPE’s DeSantis Prize

The U.S. government’s failed attempt to forge national identity through currency in the 1890s

19th-century anthropology and the history of trepanationdrilling a hole through the skull

Vincent DiGirolamo on newsies during WWI and the flu pandemic

Deserting the Confederate Army to join the U.S. Army

Evan Elizabeth Hart, one of the editors of the SHGAPE Blog, on abortion and a murder trial in early-20th-century Missouri

A three-part blog series on Juneteenth from the National Museum of African American History and Culture (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

On the history of Black education post-emancipation

This summer, history organizations launch a “Civic Season” to engage the public on the complexity of studying history

The Immigration Act of 1917 and challenges of immigrating while queer over the last century

Promise, peril, and heartbreak in Black postal work in the late nineteenth century

Henry George: the Andrew Yang of the 1886 New York City mayoral race

Sarah Tate’s emancipation dress and the power of consumerism as resistance

Complicating the meaning of Juneteenth

The role Jacob Riis played in overturning a murder conviction

How the Santa Fe Railroad, the second transcontinental line, changed America


Cover Image: Some of Newark’s small newsboys, 1909, Lewis Wickes Hine. National Child Labor Committee Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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