Black and white photograph of six Black musicians holding instruments

Minding the GAPE – June 2020


A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

A tribute to Gilded Age and Progressive Era historian Dr. John D. Buenker

The history of protest and attacks on Confederate monuments

On the state’s failure to protect Black Americans in 1919 and today

Why the postal service used to poke holes in envelopes to try to prevent the spread of disease

A reading list on race and democracy for teaching in an uprising

Wet markets, stigma, and xenophobia

The Tulsa Massacre and a historian’s search for identity

Connecting coronavirus and racial violence through histories of white supremacy

Black women activists who paved the way for this moment

Dr. Nancy Unger, SHGAPE President-Elect, on Belle La Follette and using white privilege to fight racism

Racial violence in the North: the lynching of three Black men one hundred years ago in Duluth

Book review of Roots of the Black Chicago Renaissance

When a good voice on the telephone was considered feminine

An interview with Dr. Alaina E. Roberts, member of the JGAPE Editorial Board, on her research on 19th-century Indian Territory

Confederate monuments and the disconnect between white and Black realities

Locating the original document of General Order No. 3 in the National Archives

The limits of Black forgiveness and the need to articulate how the historical discipline is doing the work to end white supremacy

The racist and anti-working class history of domestic military intervention

Native Americans have long been undercounted in the census and COVID-19 presents an added challenge

A bibliography of Black queer thought

The even uglier history of the Athens Confederate monument

The material culture of homemade face masks

Public health checkpoints and the enduring values that guide Lakota people and their leaders

Examining the 1919 race riots as a touchstone for Chicago’s carceral machinery

How segregation and racial violence stymied the innovation of Black inventors

Racist violence in 1898 Wilmington echoes in recent police officer recordings

Central Park and the history of racism, removal, and exclusion in protecting “nature”

Book review of The False Cause: Fraud, Fabrication, and White Supremacy in Confederate Memory

The case for reparations in historical context

Looking for William Dorsey Swann, “the queen of drag,” in the National Archives

Confederate monuments and the disenfranchisement of Black voters

The long history of food as protest in Black communities


Cover Image: Emancipation Day celebration band, Texas, June 19, 1900. The Portal to Texas History, University of North Texas Libraries.

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