The Lost Lectures of C. Vann Woodward

C. Vann Woodward is one of the most significant historians of the post-Reconstruction South. Even today historians must contend with Woodward’s sweeping interpretations about southern history. What is less known about Woodward is his scholarly interest in the history of white antebellum southern dissenters, the immediate consequences of emancipation, and the history of Reconstruction in the years prior to the Compromise of 1877. Woodward addressed these topics in three mid-century lecture series that have never before been published. The Lost Lectures of C. Vann Woodward presents for the first time lectures that showcase his life-long interest in exploring the contours and limits of nineteenth-century liberalism during key moments of social upheaval in the South.

Sarah Gardner, Co-Editor
Distinguished University Professor of History, Mercer University

Natalie Ring, Co-Editor
Associate Professor, University of Texas-Dallas

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