Equality at the Ballot Box: Votes for Women on the Northern Great Plains

The essays in Equality at the Ballot Box illuminate key aspects of the women’s suffrage movement in the northern great plains. Here, scholars uncover previously untold stories of the women who traveled immense distances to win over a diverse, often contentious public. Essential for understanding the larger picture of woman suffrage, including the significance of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, school suffrage, and the anti-suffrage movement, this volume reveals the impact this isolated, rural region had on women’s rights nationwide. The contributors to Equality at the Ballot Box build upon classic woman suffrage scholarship and develop new ideas that capture the spirit of suffrage on the Northern Great Plains. For the first time, the region’s unique circumstances are considered, including significant populations of European immigrants and American Indians as well as harsh climates and sprawling landscapes.

Edited by SHGAPE member Lori Lahlum and Molly P. Rozum
Lori Lahlum is Professor of History at the University of Minnesota-Mankato

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