OAH Conference Travel Award for Ph.D. Students


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The OAH Conference Travel Award for Ph.D. Students provides up to $1,000 for Ph.D. students who will be presenting at the OAH conference on a SHGAPE sponsored or co-sponsored panel.

Applicants should email the SHGAPE Program Committee chair a statement

  • Containing the applicant’s name, proposed paper and panel information, and contact information
  • Affirming that the applicant is currently a Ph.D. student and does not expect to graduate before the OAH conference for which support is being sought
  • Providing an estimated budget, including travel costs, registration fees, accommodation, and meals and specifying available institutional funds for conference travel.

Deadline:  This is due by the SHGAPE panel submission deadline, which typically coincides with the winter application deadline set by the OAH program committee.  Announcements will be sent out via H-SHGAPE and through SHGAPE’s social media outlets.

Winners will be selected by the SHGAPE program committee, on the basis of merit, with need factoring in for the funding amount.  The award may be divided among multiple recipients, at the program committee’s discretion.  If there are no winners in any given year, the program committee may offer some travel support to graduate students presenting on SHGAPE sponsored panels at the AHA conference.  Winners of the OAH conference travel award will also receive a ticket to the SHGAPE luncheon, where the award will be presented.  Recipients are required to join SHGAPE if they are not already members.


2017  OAH Conference Travel Award for Ph.D. Students
Evelyn Akinson, University of Chicago

2016  OAH Conference Travel Award for Ph.D. Students
Lauren MacIvor Thompson, Georgia State University
Johanna Neuman, American University