January 18, 2016

Dear SHGAPE Members,

For the Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 2015 was a good year. We look forward to another productive year in 2016.

1.  Membership: I am delighted that the January 2016 report from Cambridge University Press shows that our total membership has increased from 253 in 2014 to 287 in 2015.  Last year regular members grew from 170 to 179; student members from 34 to 49; sustaining members from 12 to 17; and lifetime members from 39 to 42.

2.  Website: Thanks to webmaster Christopher McKnight Nichols (Oregon State University) and others working with him, SHGAPE now has a new website.  It provides information and news about the society.  It describes awards and prizes given by SHGAPE.  It also gives a quick link to Cambridge University Press that anyone can use to join or renew membership in our society.  Check it out at www.shgape.org to see how you can benefit.

3.  Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era: Under the leadership of co-editors Benjamin H. Johnson (Loyola University Chicago) and Robert D. Johnston (University of Illinois at Chicago), our society’s journal continues to make an impact.  Beyond the printed journals, online usage has increased the number of readers. According to Cambridge University Press, full-text articles were downloaded a total of 8,125 times in 2014, an average of 677 per month.  From January through November 2015, 8,953 articles were downloaded, an average of 814 per month.

4.  SHGAPE-sponsored panels at the American Historical Association Annual Meetings: At the AHA in Atlanta, January 7-10, 2016, SHGAPE sponsored or co-sponsored seven panels.  The SHGAPE program committee, led by vice president and president-elect Kristin L. Hoganson (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), is soliciting panel proposals for the next AHA conference to be held in Denver, January 5-8, 2017.  To apply for SHGAPE sponsorship or co-sponsorship, you should submit your proposal through the AHA portal by the February 15, 2016 deadline. You should also email a copy of your AHA proposal (in one .pdf file) to Kristin Hoganson (hoganson@illinois.edu) by the same deadline. This will give your proposed panel two opportunities to make it on to the program: through the AHA program committee and through the SHGAPE program committee.

5.  SHGAPE-sponsored panels at the Organization of American Historians Annual Meetings: At the OAH in St. Louis, April 16-19, 1915, SHGAPE sponsored or co-sponsored seven panels.  Join us for the eight SHGAPE-sponsored panels at the upcoming OAH in Providence, RI, April 7-10, 2016.  SHGAPE will subsidize travel expenses for graduate students (beginning with two at $250 each at this OAH) who are members of the society and who participate in SHGAPE-sponsored or co-sponsored panels.  To apply for SHGAPE sponsorship for a panel at the next OAH conference to be held in New Orleans, April 6-9, 2017, you should submit your proposal through the OAH portal by the January 23, 2016 deadline.  You should also email a copy of your OAH proposal (in one .pdf file) to Kristin Hoganson (hoganson@illinois.edu) by the same deadline.  Again, this will give your proposed panel two opportunities for acceptance.

6.  Faculty-Graduate Student Mentorship Program at the OAH: Thanks to the leadership of Gayle Gullett (Arizona State University) and the committee she has chaired, SHGAPE is collaborating with the OAH to promote its mentorship program, “Hey I know Your Work.”  This program will link professors with graduate students at the April 2016 OAH conference.  The OAH is pleased to have SHGAPE participation.  SHGAPE mentors are identified as such on the mentor list with information about their careers.  Potential mentees may select the mentors they feel are most compatible to their interests or professional aspirations.  For more information, see the OAH page: http://www.oah.org/meetings-events/2016/mentorship/.  Graduate students may sign up for this program in January 2016.

7.  New Leadership on SHGAPE Council: In the fall elections, announced last December 2015, three new members were elected to the SHGAPE Council for a three-year term.  Mary Ann Irwin teaches history at San Francisco Bay Area colleges, including Diablo Valley College, Chabot College, Laney College, and California State University, East Bay.  Maria E. Montoya is an Associate Professor of History at New York University.  Anja Schüler is a research associate at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies at Heidelberg University, Germany.

8.  New Chair of the SHGAPE Development Committee: Former SHGAPE president Charles W. Calhoun, who recently retired from East Carolina University, has agreed to serve as the new chair of the development committee.  He and the committee will look for ways to enlarge the society’s endowment to support even more activities in the future.  Click on DONATE on the SHGAPE website www.shgape.org to contribute to our society.

9.  SHGAPE Annual Meetings at the OAH: Our society’s annual meetings will be held on Friday, April 8, 2016, at the OAH in Providence, RI.  Join us for these events, which are scheduled at the following times:  12:00 noon-1:30: SHGAPE luncheon; 2:00-3:30: JGAPE editorial board meeting; 4:00-5:30: SHGAPE council meeting; 6:00-7:30: SHGAPE reception.  Professor Manfred Berg (Heidelberg University, Germany) will deliver the Distinguished Historian Lecture at the SHGAPE luncheon.  Beginning this year, SHGAPE will subsidize luncheon tickets for students to enable them to attend at a substantially reduced cost.  They should contact executive secretary Amy L. Wood (alwood@ilstu.edu) for subsidized tickets.

I’ll look forward to meeting you or seeing you again at the OAH in Providence!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by email at lambrosius1@unl.edu.

Cordially yours,

Lloyd E. AmbrosiusLloyd E. Ambrosius
SHGAPE President
Emeritus Professor of History and Samuel Clark Waugh
Distinguished Professor of International Relations
Department of History
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588-0327